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Corporate Insurance

MRIB’s range of corporate insurance services is designed to protect all aspects of your business – irrespective of size, industry or complexity.

It is vital that we understand your business and the commercial risks involved. We therefore work closely with you and take the time to establish your insurance needs in detail.

We offer a commercial insurance audit to identify areas of your insurance programme where coverage may need to be reviewed and premium savings may be generated. We can then establish a robust but succinct insurance solution, unilaterally built to fully protect your business.

Our long standing reputation with insurance providers and underwriters also allows us access to many insurance markets, enabling us to deliver the most competitive terms.

Businesses need to be protected against ever changing corporate and litigation risks, and consider the impact of changes to UK and European legislation. Therefore, MRIB’s goal is to regularly and efficiently review our clients’ insurance programmes, to ensure that they are always appropriately insured.

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