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Clients in the chemicals sector require the attention of an experienced insurance broker, due to their particular insurance requirements. Following an incident, health and safety procedures are paramount and time is of the essence in order to minimise the environmental impact.

How can MRIB help?

MRIB has experience in risk hazard analysis and we are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ health and safety and risk management programmes.

For other industry groups, in the event of an incident, reference would need to be made to the Insurers before costs could be incurred on their behalf.  However, we understand that for a chemicals company, delaying remedial action is not an option.

MRIB has therefore arranged for our clients to be able to call upon a specialist company, who will attend to an incident anywhere in the UK with the necessary equipment. This will enable them to commence the clean-up operation immediately, thus minimising the effect on the environment, whilst also avoiding payment of fines or penalties.

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