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green trades

Green Trades Insurance

MRIB understand the rapid industry growth and therefore inevitable changes which companies are facing within the green trades sector. As a result, we work with specific Insurers who specialise in ‘Green Trades’ and can offer wide policy cover at competitive prices. 

How can MRIB help?

We look at the individual nature of each business and pay particular attention to their greater and more varied exposure to risks, whilst also working closely with our clients in all areas of risk management.

MRIB offers a wealth of experience and have a proven track record in dealing with complex power and energy related projects. From planning and construction through to operation and maintenance, we are able to provide seamless coverage solutions for businesses who are working towards a cleaner environment.

Areas Include

  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Environmental consultants
  • Energy from waste
  • Building technologies
  • Recycling

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