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Retail and Wholesale

MRIB understands that for companies in the retail and wholesale industry, the risks they face are evolving from more traditional threats to growing risks such as increased competition, technological advances and economic and regulatory changes. We also appreciate how important it is to maintain excellent customer relationships and protect brand reputation.

How can MRIB help?

MRIB undertakes a comprehensive review to gain a full understanding of the specific needs of the business, and consequently  we offer the most suitable and bespoke cover for each client.  We also ensure that preventative measures are put into place to minimise risk, whilst offering a proactive and dedicated service.

We discuss your business interruption exposures, where in the event of a major loss, your priority is to get your business back up and running to the original position prior to the loss occurring. We will assist in calculating your current annual gross profit and then explore the options of increasing your indemnity period, depending on your circumstances.

We will also look at the option of insuring your stock on a throughput basis, where cover is in place from ‘warehouse point of origin’ to ‘final destination’, ensuring there are no grey areas as to where a claim occurred.

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