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Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover

Investing in a life insurance policy is an essential way to help protect your family from the financial worries they could face if you were no longer around or suffered serious ill health. These concerns may include ongoing household bills, child-care costs, university fees or mortgage payments.

Life insurance is a contract between you and an insurer. It pays out a cash lump sum or a regular income if you passed away or suffered serious ill health during the term covered by the policy.

How can MRIB help?

There are different types of policies to suit different needs, including:

  • Level Term Assurance: To help protect your family financially in the event of an unexpected death within a specified period of time
  • Mortgage Term Assurance: Specifically designed to help pay off a mortgage taken out on a capital repayment basis
  • Family Income Benefit: To pay a regular income to a surviving partner
  • Whole of Life Assurance: To provide certainty of a pay out at an unknown time in the future

In addition to this, there is an option to add Critical Illness Cover when you take out life insurance. This is designed to pay out if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness.

We can help you decide what type of contract best suits your needs, how much cover you may require and how long you may need it for. We will also take into account any existing arrangements or cover provided through your employer as part of a benefits package.

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Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.