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Firewalls and anti-virus software aren’t enough


Although most SMEs will have anti-virus and firewall software in place (you do, don’t you?), these are very much the bottom rung on the ladder in the fight against cyber-crime.

The majority of cyber-attacks made against SMEs aren’t targeted. They are high-volume and random in nature, seeking to find whatever way they can into a system. Firewalls and anti-virus software will help, but the speed at which new viruses and malware appear, make it impossible for them to keep up and deny access to your systems and data. Businesses need to change their approach to protecting themselves against cyber-crime.

Locking out suspicious cyber activity

Businesses need to know if they’re experiencing unusually high network traffic or if someone’s trying to login to their systems a thousand times a minute. Anti-virus and firewall software simply won’t provide that sort of data. There needs to be additional measures in place if firms want to feel safe.

The best way to combat against cyber-attacks is to have security that constantly monitors and alerts a business owner in real time if something suspicious is happening. Once alerted that their systems are under attack, a business can put measures in place to stop the criminals in their tracks.

Shutting the door on costly cyber-crime.

Cyber crime is not just an issue for the big corporate companies and it’s not going away. The slower SMEs are to adopt up-to-date digital security measures, the more they leave their business exposed to the tens of thousands of daily attacks that are happening each day.

Should the worst happen, the right kind of Cyber Insurance policy can help your business respond to the damage that’s been done. MRIB can source cover for a wide range of losses, from cyber-attacks through to damaging data breaches.

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About the cyber security expert

peter security dialogue cropped Peter Walker is the commercial director at Security Dialog Ltd ( a service company dedicated to keeping you, your business, your stakeholders and your customers free from the devastating consequences of a cyber-attack. They provide a low cost, pay as you go monitoring service which seeks unusual behaviours and events on your system, and reports them instantly, and in some cases can provide instant remediation. To learn more, or for technical and training advice, please contact Peter Walker (