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Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling

“We were nearing retirement, but had put off really sorting out and reviewing the plans we had put in place over the years. We needed advice. We wanted to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without worrying about money; to remain financially secure and independent.

We were nearing retirement and worried about our pensions and how we could afford to maintain our lifestyle. A personal friend recommended we speak with an adviser from MRIB. In our first meeting, MRIB listed to our objectives, issues and concerns. We thought we would have to buy an annuity on retirement and weren’t aware that there are so many other choices. We’d never found the time to review our pension arrangements and to be honest it wasn’t something we viewed as a priority. After assessing our investments, the MRIB adviser walked us through a range of different options. He advised that we could use a combination of tax free cash, annuities and an income drawdown arrangement. Using a flexible investment strategy ensures we can adapt, if our plans or investment needs change.

We agreed our Retirement Plan and MRIB made the necessary arrangements to put it into action. The plan has enabled us to reduce our time at work and start planning for our retirement. We take comfort in the fact we’re able to afford the lifestyle we had in mind. We now enjoy our business successes, spend more time with family and do all the things we have planned – without worrying about money. Our retirement plan is flexible, far more so than we’d ever imagined. We meet with MRIB on a regular basis to make sure we remain on track and living the retirement we’ve always wanted. We would recommend their services without hesitation.”

– Anonymous, Financial Services Client