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Making sure claims get paid

“I originally bought my household and annual travel insurance online. When my travel plans were disrupted due to an illness, I made a claim direct. It was rejected. That’s when I called MRIB and asked for their advice. I spoke with the MRIB Claims team and explained my situation.

The claims manager took time to understand the nature of my claim. He asked a series of detailed questions and requested copies of all my paperwork. I sent everything across to be analysed and reviewed. I was sure I’d completed the forms correctly and wasn’t confident the insurer would reverse their stance.

Within 24 hours the claims manager called me back. He’d found a clause in my policy that provided coverage and should have been referenced in my claim. He helped me update the claims form, citing the relevant clause. Within just a couple of weeks I was notified that my claim was being paid. Using their knowledge and expertise, the team at MRIB had secured a payout of £1,380.37. Extraordinary, considering I’d given up hope. Through MRIB I managed to secure a payout on a claim that had been rejected by going direct. I’ll never underestimate the value of working with such an experienced and service-orientated broker.”

– Anonymous, Private Client