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New Road Tax Rules

British car owners need to be aware of the new road tax laws which are taking effect from October 2014.
  • The DVLA has instructed the total removal of paper tax disks, to apply from 1st October 2014.
  • Instead, drivers can choose to manage their road tax online, with direct debit payments, or via the Post Office.
  • Enforcement will be through the DVLA and police cameras using number plate recognition technology; automatically identifying whether a vehicle is taxed or SORN.
  • The DVLA believes this new system will make it more difficult to get away with driving untaxed vehicles and will also reduce administration costs.
  • Car owners must also ensure that the DVLA is informed of any change of car ownership, and it will be prohibited for sellers to transfer the outstanding period of tax with the sale of a vehicle.  Instead, drivers will need to claim a refund for this remaining taxation period.
  • Sellers who fail to notify the DVLA that their vehicle has been sold risk a fine of £1,000.
  • The DVLA is reminding car owners that it is the seller’s responsibility to return the V5C registration document with details of the sale, and those who scrap their vehicles must be in receipt of a Certificate of Destruction.
  • Until the documents are sent off, drivers are likely to be held liable for any transgressions committed by the new owner, such as speeding or parking offences, with a risk of further fines and possible penalty points.