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Paddy’s Bathroom

“Paddy’s Bathroom is a start-up company. Its founder and owner, Paul Lindley, is well known as Ella’s Dad of Ella’s Kitchen, a global Baby food brand. Paul is also Dad to Patrick and Paddy’s Bathroom is a range of natural, organic toiletries and bath products for babies and toddlers.

The market for high-end organic children’s toiletries is more developed in the US so, given the US market support for Ella’s, the decision was made to launch the brand in the US prior to the UK launch.

We required a comprehensive range of products from the outset. The suite of products needed to cover the company’s needs both in the UK and US. This ranged from cargo and shipping insurance, global product liability and recall insurance to more basic products like cyber cover, D and A etc.

MRIB were able to tailor the products to meet our specific needs. Scoping the project with Ed and managing the account with Linda and Paul has made my overall management of the process seamless. Ed was able to apply his experience and prioritise what level of cover was required, what was essential and what was ‘nice to have’.

The policies covering product liability and recall have proven to be robust and accepted by both national retailers in the US as well as the UK.

We have yet to put these policies to the ‘test’ (thank goodness, we have not had cause to!) but I feel confident, given my experience working with the team over the next 6 months, that the MRIB would continue to be as supportive and responsive as they have been to date.

On the basis of my experience working with MRIB I would recommend them to any company looking to expand into the US market.”

– Helen Stockdale, Business Manager