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Jewellery is often the most vulnerable of your belongings to theft, accidental damage or loss, and therefore requires specialist cover and advice. At MRIB, we consider the ever evolving market trends and take advantage of new products and services, so that we can offer our clients tailored solutions which will fully protect their most valued possessions. 

How can MRIB help?

The value of gold and diamonds has increased substantially from 10 years ago. Imagine how disappointed you would be to receive a claims cheque which was significantly lower than the amount needed to replace your treasured possessions.

Therefore, as part of the ongoing service to our clients, MRIB has teamed up with a prestige jewellery valuation specialist, who provides an efficient, discreet and cost effective service.

They will visit you anywhere, any time and any place at your convenience, and will put together a comprehensive schedule for your jewellery valuations.

In addition to this, unlike many jewellers, rather than charge you a percentage of the jewellery’s value, they will work on a pre-agreed price, charged on an hourly rate, ensuring that the whole procedure is simple and transparent.

We also offer tailored security guidance and ongoing advice to ensure that your valuables receive maximum protection, whilst still being able to enjoy your jewellery in the way it was intended.

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