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Listed and Non-Standard Properties

Listed and non-standard properties are often buildings with architectural or historic interest, or have been constructed using alternative methods and materials.

Although a privilege to own this type of property, there can be added responsibilities and it is of even greater importance to ensure that you have adequate cover in place. 

How can MRIB help?

MRIB understands that your home has individual needs and unique features which need protecting, and therefore require more specialist and complex insurance which is tailored to you.

Listed properties are often vulnerable to potential problems such as damp, decay or flooding, and as a result it can become difficult to obtain the right level of cover at a reasonable price.

MRIB therefore focus on risk prevention; providing advice about the relevant precautions you can take, so that you can work towards managing and minimising the risks your property may be exposed to.

The cost of rebuilding a listed property is often greater than a standard home. Therefore, MRIB offers an appraisal service with certain insurers to establish rebuilding costs. We can then use this to ensure the insurance programme is fit for purpose, and ensure that if a claim occurred, you will be able to meet your obligations and reinstate the property to its former glory.

MRIB’s clients benefit from our commitment to provide bespoke solutions, our focus on obtaining the correct policy coverage and our highly personalised service, so that you are free to enjoy living in your  home.

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