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Public underestimate the threat of being hacked

Cyber security

The term cybercrime has been around for a while now and there doesn’t seem to be a month go by where there isn’t some talk of it in the news. Whether it be the latest big attack on a household name or statistics on how much the rate of cybercrime has increased in the UK.


Despite all this talk of cyber-attacks and the need for cyber security there seems to be something about the intangible nature of online crime that makes it difficult for people to believe that it could happen to them as individuals.


The government has warned that millions of us are vastly underestimating the threat of being hacked but the reality is that crime figures suggest individuals are 11 times more likely to fall prey to online scams than a physical robbery.


The belief that cyber criminals only focus on big businesses and celebrities is leading the public to develop a level of apathy when it comes to their own cyber security. As Prime Minster Theresa May pledges to spend £15m on strengthening the UK’s digital defences, stating ‘Cyber security affects us all’, isn’t time we all started to take our own cyber protection measures seriously?


There are many types of cyber-crime, from small phishing scams to large-scale cyber-extortion, with no exceptions on who can fall victim. Even if you don’t have an active online presence, you are at risk of cyber-attack. Talk to your Insurance Broker to see what cyber insurance products they can offer you.


At MRIB, we believe cyber defence is about helping our clients to better assess and manage cyber risk, whether they’re an individual, SME or large corporation.


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