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Retirement Planning

“I realised I wasn’t getting any younger. I had to seriously think about what I was doing with my life and whether it was possible to take early retirement. I had no idea how large (or small) my pension would be. I’d been ignoring all the paperwork I’d received over the years.

 My pensions and investments were a mess. I had masses of paperwork from different providers going back over the years. I always thought I’d get around to dealing with it, I just never found the time. I stored everything in a cardboard box – letters, files, policy documents and statements. Whenever I received anything I would take a quick look and put it in the box. I’d worry that I hadn’t done anything with it, then quickly forget as I moved on to deal with more pressing issues. My immediate focus was on building my career and providing for my family. I hadn’t given my future any real thought. With all the changes in government legislation and the economic situation, I finally felt it was time to seriously review my finances and take back control. A friend recommended I get in touch with MRIB. I arranged an appointment and gathered up my cardboard box.

In our first meeting, we discussed my plans for the future and attitude towards investment risk. We looked through my paperwork and established a clear picture of my current situation. We discussed a number of different options and how we could consolidate all of my pensions and investments into a single portfolio. The portfolio would be actively managed and aligned to the level of risk I’m willing to accept. Regular review meetings would ensure I remain on track to meet my retirement goal. MRIB created my financial plan, which I agreed and they put into action. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m in control of my financial affairs. I can view and monitor my holdings online 24/7, I’ve thrown away my box of paperwork, and I have peace of mind knowing they are working for me.”

– Anonymous, Financial Services Client