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New sentencing guidelines expose you to significantly bigger fines and longer custodial sentences

Sentencing Council Guidelines

Get on the wrong side of the new Sentencing Council Guidelines for health and safety breaches, or food safety offences and you could be locked up for two years and face a multi-million pound fine.

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Firewalls and anti-virus software aren’t enough


The majority of cyber-attacks made against SMEs aren’t targeted. They are high-volume and random in nature, seeking to find whatever way they can into a system. Firewalls and anti-virus software will help, but the speed at which new viruses and malware appear, make it impossible for them to keep up and deny access to your systems and data. Businesses need to change their approach to protecting themselves against cyber-crime.

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7 simple ways to avoid complicated cyber attacks

cyber attacks

Tackling cyber criminals may seem daunting to companies with limited resources and IT knowledge. The good news is that there are lots of basic things that you can do to tighten up digital perimeters without breaking the bank.

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Why all SMEs are at risk from cyber crime

cyber crime

From the TalkTalk customer data attack in October 2015, to hackers accessing White House systems in 2014, the biggest attacks make the boldest headlines in the press. But don’t be fooled. It’s not just big corporate businesses and governments that are falling victim to cyber-crime. SMEs provide rich pickings too.

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The Insurance Act 2015 – Are you and your business ready?

insurance act

The Insurance Act 2015 represents the biggest change to insurance law in over 100 years. It takes effect on 12 August 2016, and will apply to all business insurance contracts and endorsements made under English or other UK law. Here is MRIB’s guide to what it means to you and your business.

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How to get the same breaks as George Clooney on home insurance

Flood Re

At the start of the year the bulging river Thames threatened to flood George Clooney’s Grade II listed mansion in Sonning-on-Thames, Berkshire. But because of a new insurance industry initiative, the film star should at least be in a stronger negotiating position when he comes to renew his home insurance policy.
The scheme in question is called Flood Re and it became available from 1 April this year, providing affordable insurance to homeowners with properties in high flood risk areas.

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Product recalls affect every business and they’re on the rise

Product Recall

Earlier this month London law firm RPC published research that said the number of UK product recalls in 2014/15 had jumped by 26% compared to the previous year, hitting an all time high of 310. That’s almost one a day!!
Some firms believe that their product liability policy will cover them in the event of a product recall, but it won’t. You need specific product recall insurance if you want those claims paid.

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Don’t sleepwalk into an under insurance nightmare

Under insurance is a perennial problem in the insurance market and too many firms fall into the trap of thinking that having a policy is enough. They mistakenly believe that in the event of a claim they’ll be able to iron out any issues or inconsistencies – which isn’t always true!

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Don’t leave the key to your cyber security under the mousemat

technology and communication

Burglars rarely come in through the front door – they slip round the back and squeeze through the downstairs toilet window that’s unwittingly been left unlocked. Their online counterparts do the same thing and so when it comes to cyber security it’s important to identify these innocuous weak spots in your digital fencing.

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Cyber Crime to officially become UK’S most common offence

Cyber Crime will officially become the country’s most common offence this week.

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