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Wealth Management

“I had run my own highly successful engineering firm for over twenty years.  As a result of the credit crunch, cash flow within the business had been tight and my business overdraft was under review by the company’s bank. 

I wished to invest in some new machinery and had approached my bank for a business loan which had been granted but with some very large charges and penalty clauses attaching.  I had approached MRIB to see if some alternative funding could be arranged.

Having worked effectively with my financial adviser and accountant over many years, I had been able to extract profits efficiently from my business and had accumulated a significant investment portfolio.  By transferring these assets to UBS I was able to secure borrowing against them thereby creating the liquidity I needed to make a cash injection via a Directors Loan to my company. Securing borrowing against my assets also meant that I did not have to encash any part of my portfolio thereby avoiding having to sell some assets at a depressed price or indeed triggering any capital gain on those which have performed well. 

In addition to the business having sufficient capital to make the necessary machinery purchases I was also able to reduce the company’s overdraft.  The capital repayments made under the terms of the Directors Loan also allowed me to reduce his national insurance contributions and extract profits in an efficient manner.”

– Anonymous, Financial Services Client