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Will Writing and Probate Insurance

“My wife and I decided that we needed to write our wills. We didn’t have a solicitor and therefore we were unsure who we should use. We searched online for specialist will writers and found Steele Rose. MRIB came to our home and outlined their services, and we discussed our requirements for the wills. A draft was prepared and emailed to us and, after a few amendments; it was drafted into the final documents.

Throughout this whole process, MRIB was extremely helpful, guiding us and providing expert assistance. Writing wills is not something we are familiar with and we certainly needed guidance as there are many things you’ve never thought of considering.

I wholeheartedly recommend their services. I did not realise how naïve I was about writing a will, but we were expertly guided through the process with ease. Thank you for all your help.”

– Anonymous, Financial Services Client